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We’re excited that you found us and that you share our enthusiasm for all things subscription box related.  We started this site as a resource for people, like you, looking for more information on types or a specific subscription box.  We love the subscription box companies out there but as you can probably guess, they might not be the most impartial person to describe and review their own products.  So… we want to do that for them… and for you.  Our goal is to review ever current and newly launched subscription boxes out there.  We want to give you the scoop on each one so that you can make a decision to purchase, or not.  We also figured that while we were going through this fun-ness, we’d also grab as many subscription box coupons and deals as we could find.  So, look for those on the site as well.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the site and give you the info you want so feel free to sent a note if there is something you want to see.

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