This is our Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club is a monthly razor blade delivery service. Whether you just need a great basic shave, for guys who dig simplicity and precision, or a gentle shave in one single stroke, Dollar Shave Club has it all. There is no more spending the ridiculous amount of money on razor blades from retail stores anymore! This subscription box is great for any man or woman who find that razor blades are the best for a perfect shave. If you happen to be one of the lucky few who doesn’t need to shave or shaves infrequently, then keep up the good work and share your secret!

**This is the perfect subscription box to give as a gift**


Here’s how to sign up for Dollar Shave Club Subscription Boxes

  1. Select what type of blade you want to receive
  2. Then select any extra accessories you may want
  3. Enter shipping information and create an account
  4. Enter billing information & start receiving your razor blades

Dollar Shave Club Subscription Box Options/Prices

  • The Humble Twin (2 blade razor, includes 5 cartridges): $1/month + shipping
  • The 4x (4 blade razor, includes 4 cartridges): 6$/month
  • The Executive razor (6 blade razor, includes 4 cartridges): $9/month

Dollar Shave Club Coupons

No Coupons currently.


You can add up to 3 additional products with your monthly subscription. The first being a shave butter that comes in a 6 oz tube and helps shaving by fighting razor bumps and preventing ingrown hairs. This addition costs you $8 per month.

The next additional item you can add is a post shave moisturizer. This comes in a 3.4 oz bottle and is non sticky, non greasy, and has anti-aging protection. This comes in at $9 per month.

The last item you can add to the subscription is a butt wipe. Dubbed “One Wipe Charlie’s” from the dollar shave club. This comes in 40 wipes packages. This can be added for $4 per month.

WHAT WE THINK about the Dollar Shave Club


  • Inexpensive alternative to purchasing razorblades from retail stores.
  • Home delivery is always a great thing to have!
  • Recognized by companies such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company.


  • Might not be worth it for user’s who don’t shave regularly.
  • Possibility of running out of blades before the new arrives.

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