Summary & How it Works

Who knew that anyone needed more than one watch? Watch Gang did!! On September 16, 2016 they began with a simple goal to get new people excited about watches and help them start or compliment their collection. They also want one person every Friday to have an awesome Rolex they’ll cherish forever and hopefully pass down to their family.

The Watch Gang website is very robust with beautiful photos of many different watch brands and options that you may receive. Click on the individual choices and you can read to learn more about each watch, its origin, inner workings, size, movement, whether or not it is water resistant, etc. 

To begin, you select your style, choose from elegant, adventurous or expressive. Leather or metal bands. Square or round face. Whatever your preferences are, there is a watch to please! 

Then you select your plan. From Swiss quartz to luxury automatics, choose the plan that’s right for you.


Bonus watches! Every week they host a contest where you have a chance to win a Rolex, Tag or Seiko.

They also have a point system where you can earn additional watches. Called the “Watch Wheel”, it’s a separate page on their site where you choose the tier of watch you’d like to “win”, the better/higher the tier, the nicer and more expensive the watches become. If you want to spin the wheel, but don’t have enough points for the watches you prefer, never fear! You can buy more points! Refer a friend and you BOTH get free points!

The Member Exclusives page may also be of interest to those who would like to purchase high end watches at discounted prices. At any given time there are a dozen or so watches to be found on this page

Their new feature, Receive Instant Updates, allows you to get instant updates for shipments, Wheel Drops Flash Sales and more. Just provide your mobile number and they will make keeping up on all things watches so much easier.

There is also a private Facebook Community page where you can trade, sell or exchange watches. This is a great way to rotate watches that you may not love or have gotten enough mileage out of already. 

Cost & Frequency

The most popular plan is the monthly option. But if you don’t feel the need to have a dozen new watches every year, maybe you’d prefer a seasonal selection. In this case, the Quarterly Plan is best for you. 

With either option, you can choose from 3 different price points. 

ORIGINAL – Stylish & Fashionable, $49 per watch. These watches retail for up to $149.

BLACK – Affordable Luxury, $99 per watch. These watches retail for up to $500. 

PLATINUM – Super Luxury, $299 per watch. These watches retail for up to $1,500.

Each plan promises:

  • Premium Microbrands and Large Name Brands
  • Japanese or Swiss Movement (mix of quartz & automatic)
  • Eligible for Giveaways
  • Access to Flash Sales
  • Hassle-Free Cancellations
  • Authenticity Guarantee
  • Ships within 3 days

Watch Gang in the press

“You keep each watch you get, so if you’re looking to build a collection, this is a good way to get started.”

Esquire Magazine

“The perfect outfit needs the perfect accessory, namely that perfect timepiece. This monthly service delivers a new watch to your house every month.”

Men’s Health Magazine

“Watch Gang has brought the subscription-box model to the world of timepieces by shipping a mystery box monthly so members can build a watch collection.”

-Los Angeles Times

What People Are Saying About Watch Gang

“Keeping up with the Times… Watch Gang has done a great job in selecting very cool watches. Even at the lowest membership level, I have not been disappointed. It’s like your birthday every month. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. My only comment on what could be improved, would be the follow-up you get if there is an issue with one of your watches. I’ve had 2 such instances; the first one went great, resolved promptly; the 2nd one not so much, big run-around, no help. Over-all however, I am a big fan and do not hesitate to tell others about the very cool way of “keeping up with the times”.


“Since the beginning… Been a member since month 2 of their first year. Never knew I could be addicted to watches! I get quality watches every month. And if they’re not my style, there’s a FB page so that I can trade or sell them. And the customer service is amazing. Rare times I’ve had issues, they work hard and fast to go above and beyond rectifying them.”


“You have no idea how awesome this is you gotta try it!!!!! I have learned so much about all kinds of stuff about watches and different quality and movements, it’s amazing… Not to mention the value and always getting a gift from myself every month!!!! Trust me you will love it!!!!”