This is our Naturebox Review

Naturebox is a monthly snack delivery service. Each month you receive 5 different full-sized snack packages. You can choose what you’d like or opt for a surprise.  Naturebox carefully evaluates each snack for wholesome ingredients that are nutritionist-approved. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors and there are plenty of options for Vegan, non-GMO, and soy, dairy, gluten & nut –free preferences! For every box delivered, one meal is donated through Feeding America® to help the millions of Americans who go hungry.

**This is a perfect subscription box for healthy snackers, especially at the office!**


Here’s how to sign up for the Naturebox Subscription Box

  1. Click Join
  2. Select a plan
  3. Choose your snacks
  4. Checkout

Naturebox Subscription Options

  • Month-to-month. $19.95 / month
  • 3 Months. $17.95 / month
  • 6 Months. $16.95/month
  • 12 Months. $15.95/month

Current Naturebox Coupon

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Plans automatically renew at the end of the time frame you signed up for. Your original signup date will determine when you are billed and will reoccur around the same time each month. Your box will ship the day after you are billed.

You can search their snack catalog and add up to five items of your choosing. You can also add items to your pantry to search from and add to boxes as well.

Promo codes are only valid for the first month.

WHAT WE THINK about Naturebox


  • Everyone loves to snack.
  • Naturebox offers corporate subscriptions.
  • Skip a month or cancel anytime.
  • Free Shipping in the US.
  • Dietary restrictions and taste preferences are no problem!


  • No returns on snacks that you don’t like.

Click here to learn more about Naturebox subscriptions!