I’m a fan of energy drinks.  With all the improvements in product ingredients over the last few years, they have become healthier and healthier.  And finally, you can now really feel the effects they have been claiming (increased energy, alertness, memory, stress relieve, metabolism improvements, etc.)

But here’s the deal… I get tired of drinking the same ones over and over again.  You know the brands, all the convenience stores and grocery stores carry them and not much else.  I have my go-to’s but I also like to try new stuff.

Look what we found – a FREE box of energy drinks.

Well, the other day I ran across a company that has been hand selecting and gathering some pretty awesome, new energy drinks from around the world.  And just recently, they started shipping them out through a “box of the month” club.

Being an energy drink fan, it caught my interest.  So I thought I’d given them a try.  Last week I received my first box (and it was free – check out those details below).  I opened it up and found 6 different energy drinks that I’ve never seen before.


I ended up loving just about all of them.  They were all a bit different in both taste and effect.   The designs on the cans were pretty impressive too (I always like the can styles of energy drinks).

But the best part was that they sent me my first box for FREE.  Pretty awesome, right.

I think the free box was a limited time deal but I just checked this morning and it’s still available.  Check it out HERE.


So all in all, this was a pretty sweet deal.  I got a free box of drinks and got to sample some great energy drinks that I hadn’t seen before.

After you get your box, come back to my blog and let me know what your thought about the drinks.  I’m curious to see what you received and how you’d rate them.