This is our Bombfell Review

Bombfell is a subscription box company for men’s apparel. A personal stylist selects the clothing items based on your personal preferences and ships a box every month based on your sizes. You are able to return the shipped items if you don’t like them for no cost. This is a great way to explore your wardrobe. It allows a personal stylist to select clothing that you otherwise might not have even looked at. It gives you flexibility in choosing what you like and want to pay for and send back the items that don’t float your fashion boat.

**This is the perfect subscription box to give as a gift to any man**


Here’s how to sign up for Bombfell Subscription Box

  1. Sign up and tell us your size & style preference; then set your budget.
  2. Set up your order and tell us what you want in your next order (ie: “2 button-downs and a pair of jeans”), and schedule when you would like it. Or, let us surprise you!
  3. Your stylist will put together your clothing picks and you will receive a preview email. Cancel or change anything you don’t like. They’ll ship after 48 hours otherwise.
  4. Once you receive the clothes, you have 10 days to keep or return the items.

Bombfell Subscription Box Options

You can set your own budget! Once you set your ceiling for price per item, they do their best to find clothes within that budget (an average item is $69).

Bombfell Coupons

20% OFF

Keep 4 items, get 20% off.


You’ll start off by going through your clothing preferences during set up and select your height, weight, and figure type. Then a personal stylist picks out outfits for you every month. Bombfell sends you a confirmation email that allows you delete the box for the month or alter what items they have picked out for you. This is a great way to try new fashion. If you receive an item you don’t want then send it back within 10 days free of charge.

You can also set your own budget for the items that will be shipped.

WHAT WE THINK about Bombfell


  • Free way to try new clothes.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Pay for only what you keep.
  • Clothes are affordable @ $69 average cost per item.
  • Free shipping both ways.


  • It ships every month unless cancelled, so you have to remember to cancel the boxes.
  • Only ships to United States and APO/FPO addresses.

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