We received 3 boxes from Bespoke Post to review and were seriously impressed! This is the best of what a subscription box service can be. Bespoke is a themed subscription box for guys that uses the tagline, “Box of Awesome” and we can’t agree more. Let’s get into our review.

The customization aspects to the individual were some of the best we’ve ever seen on a subscription box. When signing up to create a “Membership” account, you take a quick survey to determine your interests and this goes into the system to create a box they know you will love. There is nothing worse than getting a box of useless stuff. We think they really nailed it with their questions on alcohol, décor, style, clothing (sizes), tobacco, cooking, grooming, outdoors, travel, music and tech.

Each month, Bespoke Post has about 12 different boxes in their inventory and they ship the box that best matches up with your interests. There seems to be slight overlap from month to month, so each month it looks like 3 old boxes fall off and 3 new boxes become available.

Boxes that ship will cost $45 (+ tax and $3.95shipping)

Key Benefits:

  • Preview your box each month before it ships
  • Skip if you don’t want it
  • Only pay for what ships
  • Easy returns and exchanges
  • Cancel anytime

We found the shopping platform easy to use. You can leave it on auto-pilot and wait for the surprise or you can see what box is scheduled to ship and switch or skip.

We ended up getting the Barber Shave Kit, The Weekender Bag, and the Aged Liquor Kit.

One of the big things we like about subscription boxes in general is the discovery aspect and Bespoke Post delivered with the Barber Shave Box. I personally, have been a Gillette guy since I was 18. Boy, not anymore! Gillette is a complete rip off. I had been paying more money for an inferior product for the last decade! I’m here to tell you that the Double-Edge Safety Razor is the way to go. If you take nothing more from this post other than that, then today was a victory. This is the cleanest shave I’ve ever had! Everything else in the box was pure bonus after that. The Maaplim shaving cream and Alum Block were great. Felt clean and smelled great. I’d never hear of Alum before, again discovery, and this stuff is great as an aftershave.

The Weekender Travel Bag really showed off the quality and value of Bespoke Post. After Tax and Shipping our subscription (before Bespoke Post Coupon) was $50. We’ve seen similar duffel bags go for over $150. Again, I wasn’t actively looking for this type of bag, but now that I have one, it is super useful. It’s stylish and has the Bespoke details of a well made bag from leather trim, buckles, pockets, solid stitching and thick durable canvas.

The Cocktail Aging Kit Box brought the fun.  The aging kit consists of a specially designed bottle and white oak barrel staves. Simply pour your alcohol of choice into the bottle, add the staves, and any other accoutrements you desire, and then patiently wait 10 weeks while it ages. Then use the 2 provided cocktail glasses to enjoy!

We were impressed with the content and presentation included by Bespoke Post. You could tell that the items had been thoughtfully curated. Each box included a nice write up on how to use the gear.

Bespoke Post Subscription Box Pricing

$45 (+ tax and $3.95 shipping), but use a BespokePost.com Coupon Code to save on your first box.

You can also purchase a singular box for $55 without signing up for the monthly subscription. This is a great feature if you want to gift to friends or as company gifts. Some of the other boxes, like the cooking boxes would be a great holiday corporate gift for anyone.

Lastly, Bespoke has a Shop section, where you can purchase items individually. This is great if you really liked something you discovered in one of the boxes. Members get discounts in The Shop.

Bespoke Post is one of the best subscription boxes for men that we’ve seen.