Dispatch by Breakout Games Review

This is our Dispatch by Breakout Review

Dispatch by Breakout Games is a subscription service that lets you be the detective. Dispatch by Breakout Games sends you clues to solve a mystery every month. Each new box contains clues different than the last that lead you to go online or the real world to solve a mysterious crime. Whether you solve the mystery yourself or enlist others to help you, Dispatch by Breakout Games is a fun twist on typical subscription boxes that leaves you dying for the next box.

**This is a great subscription box to give as a gift to any crime junkie**

Here’s how to sign up for Dispatch by Breakout Games boxes

  1. Click the “Order Now” link on dispatch.breakoutgames.com
  2. Choose a series
  3. Pick your plan
  4. Enter billing/shipping information

Dispatch by Breakout Games Prices:

  • $24.99 for one month
  • $124.99 for 6 months
  • $199.99 for 12 months

Each series has a different length in terms of how long it will take to receives all the clues and to solve the crime.

Dispatch by Breakout Games Coupon

$10 OFF


Dispatch by Breakout Games believes that their boxes can help with team building around the office. They believe their boxes can help your team grow and help bring the best of each team member. Their boxes will help determine who is the team leader and who is the problem solver. Learning these traits will directly translate into the office and make the workplace a more fun and enjoyable place.

Dispatch by Breakout Games also have a different subscription service for kids where each month a box is sent out that is full of ways the child can build their core competency in the skills they are being tested on in school.

WHAT WE THINK about Dispatch by Breakout Games


  • Great gift for crime junkies
  • Excellent way to make you think
  • Great team building activity
  • Cancel anytime


  • Limited boxes available

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