Why Plated is Perfect for Your Palate

Every meal subscription box I come across has something different. That’s great because everyone’s needs are different. But, let me tell you about why I think Plated is one of the best there is. It isn’t about the cost, or the service, or the sustainability – although those are all great – it’s about your palate. This food is fantastically fresh and filling, and you won’t want to miss out.

The Perfect Meal Delivery Option

Not only is Plated a way to try meal kits that fit your schedule, but it’s a way to try new food and see what you like. The portions are generous, the food is fantastic, and you can customize things to your needs. For example, I’m able to pick any combination of recipes I want, from over 20 each week. I can choose from 2, 3, or 4 servings, and I can change my delivery day or even skip a week when I need to. How’s that for convenience? Sometimes, depending on the meal, even if I’m feeding four, I can get away with choosing the three serving meals since the portions work that way, or I can use the extra towards leftovers, which I often do.

Honestly, I feel like more of an adult, or at least more refined, when I eat the recipes offered from this particular meal kit delivery service. It’s just that good. And a bonus that every adult and kid alike will appreciate – the deserts. You can add deserts each week with their amazing dessert recipes! As an avid dessert lover and baker extraordinaire, this was almost reason enough alone for me to join. But again, it’s also pretty pleasing to the palate, which is my main love of meal delivery from Plated.

Best for Bigger Families, Not Smaller Budgets

The only drawback I found for Plated is that if you’re just doing two servings, it’s more expensive. So if you’re on a budget or have a smaller family, this may not be for you unless you really like quality, unique food that pleases the palate. Plated definitely does that. But two servings, three nights a week, is still $11.95. We can make it work because we do the three servings, which drops the price to $9.95 per person. And if you spend over $60 a week, shipping is free. 

It Teaches Valuable Lessons

One great thing about this particular meal subscription box is that it really does help you learn to cook new and exciting things that are both filling and quite elegant. They do a great job of breaking down complicated recipes into just a few simple steps while still helping you achieve a five-star taste and look. They help you get more comfortable in the kitchen and enable you to learn and master new shortcuts and cuisines, and this allows you to find yourself enjoying and getting better at cooking. I know that’s true of myself, and I also tend to recycle the recipes and cook them again on my own. 

Fresh Food, Responsibly Sourced

I also really appreciated that the meals didn’t just look good, they tasted good because they were made of fresh ingredients. Plated provides precisely measured ingredients and helps you prep in less time, have less food waste, and more time for other things. They use produce that is in peak-season, meats that aren’t raised with antibiotics or hormones, shop organic when possible, and try to include specialty items in each recipe. The recipes are globally inspired, which made me feel like I was traveling to Italy, for example, without leaving my kitchen. 

You Get to Pick Whats Plated

Meal planning with Plated made our lives easier. It was simple, and I loved the flexibility of choosing what they sent each week. The selections were terrific, and I knew I was getting quality meals each time. One of the best perks was that I was able to rate and review the dishes afterward in the app, and the best-rated ones would sometimes show up again in future weeks. And something amazing that they just started was that we could substitute when we want to. For example, if a dish offered chicken, but we’d rather have pork, it was easy to do. 

Just a note of caution, though. They can’t guarantee that those with allergies will be 100% in the clear. However, they do want to help you make an informed decision, so every recipe card includes a breakdown of the main ingredients, nutrients, and list any of the eight major allergens present.

Meet Your Menus

The menus are incredible and offer a wide selection of meat from trusted sources. There are options for vegetarian, gluten-free, low-calorie, and low-carb diets. And the best recipes come back for more kitchen time. Here were a few of our palate-pleasing favorites:

  • Apple Upside-Down Cake: this apple cake covered with honey caramel added the perfect element to our lighter meal the night we had it. It was also deliciously creamy and felt like I was taken back in time to Grandma’s house. 
  • Chicken Francese: I love pasta, and this dish didn’t disappoint. It was plated with penne pasta and a touch of lemon, and it was super satisfying. 
  • Butter-Basted Steak: this tender, sliced steak with sauteed escarole and white beans hit the spot. Their meat is a top-notch product, and their dishes are generally pretty healthy.

Get Plated Today

It’s easy to fall in love with plated. It’s the meal kit delivery service of choice by those that want the best palate-pleasing, generously portioned meals around. You can even get 25% of the first four weeks with a Plated Coupon Code, which is a great way to try it out (don’t worry, there’s no commitment). So, get Plated today!