TeaBox is a monthly subscription box service for tea! We reviewed TeaBox and loved it. Teas come from the major tea regions in India and Nepal. Each box has a theme and comes with five separate 1.05 oz pouches of loose leaf tea.

July’s theme was “Teas of the World” and included a Pure Matcha Green, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, Classic Earl Grey, and a Nepal Breakfast Tea.

The Moroccan Mint Green was delicious. Fresh teas really stand out and are packed with flavor. The difference maker in a lot of ways is that TeaBox is closer to the source. They are an Indian company that ships direct from India all around the world to your door. They work with dozens of independent tea gardens to source their tea and have hundreds of single origin and blends. The result is that tea leaves can go from being picked to your cup in as little as a week. A typical supply chain takes upwards of 7 weeks and then can be sitting on the shelf for months before it makes it you. This tea brought me back to sitting in street side cafes in Marrakesh.

The Irish Breakfast had a dark red orange color and was both smooth and full bodied. I always like to pause and smell the tea and this was almost nutty. The instructions recommended 190 degrees for 5 minutes, but our kettle doesn’t have a temperature gauge, so we brought our kettle to a boil and let it cool for a minute. That’s our rule of thumb for most teas. At sea level, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). At altitude, water can boil at 200 degrees F. My grandmother would serve Irish Breakfast even in the afternoon, the savage, and I like it for a gentle caffeine kick.

The matcha was delightfully thick. Had a grassy earthy flavor that was sweet. They described as muted umami and I’m still trying to nail that flavor profile down.

The Earl Grey was a delicious take on the classic black.

The Nepal Breakfast was a new one for us and a great reason to get the subscription and try new varieties. It had a slightly woody taste and paired well with honey.

The five tea pouches works out to about 55-75 cups of tea depending on how you like to make it.

A TeaBox subscription is priced at $39.99 for a month-to-month subscription. If you lock in for 3 months, then you get a 10% discount to $36 and a 20% discount for a 6 month plan is $32. Free Shipping on all subscriptions.

That works out to about 50 cents per cup. More than you would pay for something like Celestial Seasonings, but comparable in price to what we’ve seen for high quality fresh teas.


Great gift option for tea lovers

Tons of variety

You can re-order teas you like

Free Shipping

No membership fees or cancellation penalties


We didn’t have any strong cons. This was a great tea box

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Overall, we were super impressed with the TeaBox.com Subscription. We liked the variety and theme. It was a great way to try new teas and all of them tasted clean and fresh.